BPC is a research-oriented chemical company that supplys the best perpormance and the best quality specialty chemicals to the global customers based upon the organic synthesis technology.

BPC’s world class research staffs design molecules, synthesis scheme and manufacturing process to satisfy the requirement of our customers.

BPC has already developed Hole Injection Layer(HIL), Hole Transfer Layer(HTL), Electron Blocking Layer(EBL) and Light Emitting Host for OLED and they are all patented in Korea, Japan, Taiwan and China, and proved that they perform better than other competing materials after tested and evaluated by global customers

BPC also cooperates with other OLED material suppliers and research institutes to develop and supply the intermediates necessary to synthesize the OLED materials, and develops and supplys other custom-made specialty chemicals to the global customers.

I and BPC’s research staffs promise that we will be dedicated to provide the value and satisfaction to our precious customers now and for ever.

Representative Director & CEO
KJ Moses Kim